25 - 27 Sep, 2017 | UK

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Download the Next Generation Workplaces 2017 Agenda

Next Generation Workplaces 2017 has been developed to showcase cutting edge case studies on the topics of:

  • Leveraging design to support an agile workforce
  • Utilising technology to enhance the employee experience and foster collaboration
  • Effective change management strategies to ensure that your staff realise the benefits of their new environments
  • Increasing space utilisation in an increasingly mobile and flexible workforce

Attend Next Generation workplaces to network with Corporate Real Estate leaders from Airbnb, Tumblr, Skyscanner, Google, Investec, and Credit Suisse. View the agenda to see who else is you can meet.

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[Infographic] Tech & the Future Office: From Worker 1.0 to Worker 2.0

As a younger, tech-savvy and more mobile worker enters the workforce, companies have needed to adapt to new habits and preferences while leveraging technology in the new “war for talent”. This infographic highlights the changed expectations of the employee and their corporate environment . With statistics gathered from multiple surveys and studies, this infographic shows the importance of employee physical-space choices and collaboration , as well as the IT & technological changes that companies are starting to make and the outcomes for both employee well being and workplace productivity. Take the journey from the disengaged worker 1.0 to a more satisfied and connected worker 2.0, now. Download your complimentary infographic ‘Tech and the Future Office’ below

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Talking Point: Is Your Office Dis-Empowering Your Workers?

Despite a higher than average employment rate compared to other OECD countries, the UK still falls behind in the G7 on worker productivity-per-hour A broader view is needed to get to the core of what it means to be a singular worker in the Knowledge Economy, especially in the office. This translates to thinking critically about how conceptions of space and work preferences of employees are changing with available technology.

“Is Your Office Dis-Empower Your Workers?” investigates the major trends in work habits and the built environment. This article engages with current surveys and studies in worker productivity and office design in order to track if the evolution of the modern office is in-sync with the bodies inhabiting it. 

Workplace Design Techniques Video Interview with Tumblr

Corporate Learning Network visited Tumblr's New York Office, and sat down with Megan Leet, Head of Office Experience & Events at Tumblr. She spoke about creating a space to reflect company culture, the importance of flexibility and mobility in the workplace, and discussed some of the additions that bring employees closer together.

From 7 to 1: A Case Study Interview with CIMA’s Dereck Dziva

In 2015, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants shrank their operating space from 7-levels covering a total of 35,000 sq. feet to a single-plate 23,500 sq. feet area in a new building.  The relocation transferred 275 office workers away from their Chapter St. headquarters in Pimlico to The Helicon building in The City of London.

Ahead of the Next Generation Workplaces Conference (London, 26-27 September 2017), we conducted an in-depth interview with Dereck Dziva, Workplace Performance Manager at CIMA. He gives details about: what factors initiated the move;processes and considerations when they chose the new office building; and the he aftermath of the architectural change on employees and the overall business