25 - 27 Sep, 2017 | UK

David Dunbar

Head of Workplace Digital

2:00 PM The Digital People Agenda:

What should your DPA look like? How can your RE and HR teams work together to leverage analytics and
ultimately improve employee engagement levels? What are the fundamental blocks to your own strategy? How
do you define, build, and execute an effective programme and results in a more effective RE and HR function
based on better people decisions, resulting in a more agile organisation?

5:20 PM The Workforce and Technology: Love-Hate

As CRE managers, there are a multitude of difficulties
in getting your people to embrace the next big
technological thing. This is, in part, because people
often change their minds and do the same with
the technology that they use. As managers you
must embrace that people often have different and
legitimate reasons to like or dislike the same technology.
Aside from enforcing a three line whip, forcing your
employees to comply, how can you continually gain
buy-in from your workforce? How can you continually
justify whether it is functional- while it is new does it
actually work in practice for the employee?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining David.

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